Our hides are taken during the normal Alaska trapping season from November through March for most species.  This means most of our wolves are far superior in quality and average nearly a foot longer.  Even in Alaska, our Interior and Northern section timber wolves are far superior to those taken in Alaska's Southern regions.

Measurement & Sizes

Our measurements are taken when the skins are received from the tannery.  We hang a skin from a nail and tape from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.  On some skins, we also include body length.  We have found that some skins shrink a bit after hanging a few months, perhaps from some moisture when received.  We do not inflate any measurements.


We use the US Postal Service Priority Mail service for smaller packages.  Packages weighing 70 pounds or more can be shipped air freight or by truck.  We will ship the most reasonable way, unless otherwise instructed by you.

Frozen Whole Animals

From time to time, we receive requests for frozen whole animals.  We do not keep a freezer full during the summer.  However, if we have a definite order for certain animals during the trapping season, we usually can collet them.  This includes frozen wolf, wolverine and lynx skulls.  We also offer custom skinning services for the items which are too cost prohibitive to ship such as wolves.  We can skin cased, dorsal and send fresh frozen.  We can also skin, turn, split, flesh and salt dry specimens.  With advanced notice, we can accommodate most any request.

We have an extensive inventory, so please call for detailed descriptions of mountable items.

Grade Definitions

SELECT:  One or more of these features:

  • exceptional size
  • hair length
  • unique coloration
  • unique markings (white toes or feet)
  • little or no damage

GRADE #1:  Better than average in all categories listed in Select.  May have some very minor repairable damage.

SLIGHT DAMAGE, REPAIRABLE:  NO JUNK!  But may need some repair from damage at the tannery, small slip spots to cut out and sew up, or rips or tears to sew up, but all repairable, nothing missing.  For customers with budget constraints, or the experienced "pro" who is proficient at average repairs.  We do realize there are limits and these items are not beyond those limits.